Travel Fashion for Men

Going for that jungle safari, or trekking up a mountain, swimming on the beach, or visiting a museum… whatever your destination may be, you will not want to wear something inappropriate. After all, you won’t wear a formal dress and walk the beach, isn’t it!! It, then, makes a lot of sense to wear the most perfect thing for that destination. Travel fashion? Well, let’s call it that, but if it’s fashion, then why not make a list of all the things that we can call ‘travel fashion for men’.

Corduroy Trousers

The great thing about Corduroy Trousers is that you can pair them with a t-shirt, a shirt, or a Corduroy Suit. Anything goes with a Corduroy Trouser, and the comfortable fabric will not feel uncomfortable while you travel. Its striped texture feels like jeans but gives a warm feeling to your skin. Corduroy Trousers are best for travel, and some even are stretchable.

Chinos Trouser

Traveling is a casual affair and Chinos Trouser offers that casual feeling when worn during your travels. They are best to try with loafers or casual shoes. Wear a full sleeve t-shirt with it and you’ll definitely feel great about yourself. Formal shirts also look great with their sleeves folded on Chinos. It gives that classic kind of look without feeling too formal.

Cropped Trousers

It gives you that classic casual type of appeal the moment you wear it. Cropped Trousers are worn best with a t-shirt, but your shirt will look equally great with it. But perhaps what sets the trend is a mandarin collared shirt. If a mandarin shirt gives you that beachwear kind of look, a Cropped Trouser will give you a rugged appeal.

Cargo Pants

Those who stuff their pockets with keys or always have something extra to store find Cargo Pants pretty much useful in their travel. Cargo Pants with their additional pockets are best made for travelers who are going on hiking or trekking trips. They give you that rugged look that’s so typical of outdoor travel and vacation trips. Wear a sweater on top, or a t-shirt or cardigan.

Reversible Belts

Twist them whenever you want. That’s the best thing about a Reversible Belt. It’s like buying two belts at the same time. The buckle can be twisted to reverse the belt and match the color according to your trouser. Reversible Belts is the in-thing today and a must-have clothing accessory for men.

Wrinkle-free Suits

If you have found Wrinkle-free Suits perfect for formal occasions, you can take them with your while traveling. The wrinkle-free material won’t let crowds leave wrinkles on your suit. They are great for office meetings, or seminars, and conferences.


You will need them to shield your eyes from the sun, or you may don them just to fantasize about yourself as a celebrity with sunglasses. A sunglass is the most common clothing accessory for men. They come with a UV protective layer to protect your eyes. Wear them at places like deserts, or beaches. You will get them at most apparel stores and in shops. Try them out before you buy one, so you get an idea of whether it suits your face or not.

Mandarin Shirt

Mandarin collar shirts offer that style quotient to men and are best for casual wear when you are traveling. They are trendy, and you can wear a jacket or a chino over them. You can leave the top button open for that breezy look. Wear them anywhere, at a beach, or a party. Mandarin collar shirts are trendy and casual at the same time.

Jogger Pants

While packing that luggage, don’t forget to take that Jogger Pant. It will ease you in the evenings after a busy day of sightseeing and touring. Jogger Pants have elasticized waistbands, and their adjustable waist cord is best to give you that comfort and ease which you so much desire after wearing pants and belts for the entire day.

Button Down Shirt

Every closet has them, and they are best for long flights or even on the beach. Cotton material is best for that comfort for the skin, and they are wrinkle-free. Wear them as casual wear and pair them with a t-shirt or under a blazer, the sporting look that you get will still remain with you. If you wear them with the right pant or trousers or style them to spruce up your travel fashion.


When speaking of travel fashion, who could leave behind the one thing that goes with all… the Sneakers. They have the maximum styles and designs that go with whatever you wear. Wear them when trekking, hiking, and you can sport them while taking a flight, or walking down the city streets. Sneakers never run out of fashion, and they make the best men’s travel fashion. 


Loafers are meant to fit both your legs. And that’s not all, they go with formal shirts, t-shirts, and jeans, khaki shorts, cargo pants, chinos, casual wear, et al. The universal fit design of the Loafers is the best for travel, and they are the best thing to have in travel.


If you think Jackets are just for providing warmth from the cold, think again. They make great fashion sense and are useful when traveling. They have extra pockets for storing items. Jackets are perfect for cold winters in the hill stations, and even in flights, they will keep you cozy. You can keep them unbuttoned, and strut that shirt or t-shirt underneath. For whatever reason, a Jacket will be one great fashion statement.

Flip Flops

For beachgoers, it is their favorite thing. Flip Flops are a great casual way of dressing up for your travel and the best thing about them is their lightness. You will, in fact, feel that there is nothing underneath your feet. If it’s swimming by the pool, walking about on the sandy beach, or walking about in your hotel garden, Flip Flops are best for indoors too.

Travel Shorts

While they are great for the beach, travel shorts are great summer wear and are the best thing to wear for casual walks in the park, or even on road trips. Travel Shorts have pockets too, and they let the winds cool the legs, and you can even head out for a walk in the waves, without fearing your pants to get wet.

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