Top Things to do in Africa

The magnificent Mount of Kilimanjaro and flowing waterfalls to stunning safaris may provide you lifelong thrills from golden yellow savanna excursions in Africa. While the most important draw is the safaris that are given throughout the continent in its numerous wildlife game reservations in nations like South Africa, Kenya, and Botswana, among others.

Our destination specialists are here to assist you when you question when is the ideal time to plan your African journey and how to arrange it. For openers, here’s a list of Africa’s top 10 activities — safaris, animal excursions in its national parks, and self-driving adventures – chosen by our enchanting tourist expert.

  • Witness the Great Migration: The Great Migration of Wild Beast from Serengeti to Masai Mara is the first on our list of African excursions: a memorable experience and a dream for every African safari fan. It is one of the Best Places to visit in Africa. Over one million wild animals, zebras, and antelopes cross the Tanzanian-Kenyan border every year. These creatures cross a path full of risk in quest of greener pastures by cunning big cats and crocodiles in calm rivers. The Great Migration is a stirring show that portrays the natural cycle of life and death.
  • Go on Gorilla Trekking: African adventures are rarely better! Uganda and Rwanda’s beautiful woods give the finest chance to see the wild gorillas of the world. In the volcanic highlands on the border between the two nations more than one-half of the gorillas’ world population dwell. 
  • Discover the Legendary Sossusvlei: Known for its gloomy, stark landscapes, transport you to Sossusvlei in Namibia with your African experiences. The early morning hours will mark the amazing colorful play as the sun rises, as a clay sink surrounded by dunes reaching 300 meters.
  • Enjoy Glittering Lake Malawi: Lake Malawi is the third biggest lake in Africa and the ninth-largest in the world — almost as large as Belgium, it spans over Malawi, Tanzania, and Mozambique. An African aquarium is a great place for divers and snorkelers, home to more than 1000 fish species. Malawi lake is one of the top places to visit in Africa. 
  • Go on a Big Five Safari at Kruger National Park: Without a visit to this gem in South Africa’s crown, your African experiences are incomplete. It’s no surprise with amazing possibilities to visit the Big Five in the daytime that one of the most famous safari locations on earth is Kruger National Park! Choose one of your choices while in this World-Famous National Park, you encounter lions, rhinos, elephants, leopards, and Cape Buffaloes. Do not miss going on a wine degustation tour in Stellenbosch in South Africa and riding the Table Mountain in Cape Town. The Cape of Good Hope and Robben Island is the best tourists’ attractions in Africa.
  • Marvel at Victoria Falls:The amazing Victoria Falls, one of the top tourist attractions of Africa, lies at the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Almost 2 km wide and 100m high, have a look at the birds’ eyes with a thrilling helicopter flight — goosebumps are sure!
  • Relax in luxury resorts and paradise beaches: In Mauritius and Seychelles, you will find beautiful scenery and white sandy beaches. Choose the gorgeous, luxury resorts of the Perl of the Indian Ocean from our hand-selected selection. Far from daily metropolitan life, get away from the worldly and uncover your particular heavenly portion.
  • Visit Luxor Temple at Night: This old town lies in the center of Egypt, home of the kings’ valley, the temple of Karnak, and the Luxor Temple and is undoubtedly one of the greatest in Africa for anybody even interested in history. Luxor Temple is one of the popular tourist spots in Africa. 
  • Hit the Coast in Ghana: West Africa takes the crown of the continent for amazing expanses of sand, to some of the most magnificent beaches in the world. The beautiful country of Ghana must be at the front of the list! Get to the shore of this tropical gem and cool off in paradise-like surroundings. Also on that shore are noteworthy historical fortifications such as St George’s Castle in Elmina and Cape Coast Castle that offer terrifying views of the worst practices of the colonial past. Hit the coast in Ghana is one of the best places to see in Africa. 
  • Embrace the Boat Life in Benin: In West Africa, arguably the stilt hamlet of Ganvie is the little country of Benin’s best-known attraction. Normally, reached from Cotonou, the capital of the nation, during a day excursion, you spend some time on the water here watching local citizens go by boat to explore or perhaps remain in some of the striking stylish buildings simultaneously.
  • Horse Ride in Lesotho: Lesotho is a landlocked nation in South Africa, yet due to its size it should not be disregarded. Go here a few days and spend some time in traditional homestays, local culture, and spectacular riding chances, heading towards or from Drakensburg Mountain. A visit to Lesotho is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Africa for a lot of visitors when they go to southern Africa.    

What is next waiting for you?

Africa has continued to change country-to-country culture, customs, geography, and scenery. You would be absolutely in love with Africa if you are an ardent traveler and love to explore locations that are culturally and naturally attractive. You must consider most of the destinations listed above if you get the chance to go to Africa for a few months. Each of the recommended locations to visit in Africa is known worldwide. The local map and other required data are available to even the tiniest communities in Africa in their tourist department. So everybody is ready to greet you here in South Africa. All you have to do is pack your bags and tell your lifestyle farewell. 

Explore these top 11 things to do in Africa and many more about your personalized and customized African trips. Our travel advisors are glad to build your perfect African holiday to suit your interests via our destination’s expertise, enthusiasm for travel, and a desire to organize the best journey for you. 

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